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Can I Get Back To College After Dropping Out?

First off: Just in case you are reading this BEFORE dropping out, and this is the opinion of absolutely everyone at Bridge to College: DO NOT DROP OUT. Really, under any circumstances, do not drop out! And if you’re reading this AFTER dropping out, the answer is YES! You can go back. People do it every day. But it’s not without its challenges.


There are actually a surprising number of reasons why so many students drop out of college. One of the most common ones is the financial cost. Higher education continues to increase in price, making it inaccessible for students from underprivileged backgrounds. The financial considerations may also extend to the profession that the student has chosen. If they plan to graduate with a degree that isn’t desirable, then they may as well drop out early and find a job to start paying off their student debt.


Another common reason is that students tend to be wholly unprepared for the demands of their academic lifestyle. Transitioning from high school to college can be a daunting experience, but it’s often compounded by additional problems such as moving away from parents, managing their own life without adults around, and potentially holding a part-time job to pay for certain expenses. Students often have many responsibilities thrust upon them and there’s no guarantee that they’ll land a well-paying job once they graduate.


Statistically speaking, the odds of a student leaving school and then returning to college as an adult to graduate are very low. If you have even the slightest interest in finishing your degree and graduating, then you need to sit down, focus, and seek help so that you can unwind your responsibilities and cope with them efficiently.


But if you’re adamant about leaving college, don’t do it without going through the official channels and communicating with both your school and your advisor. And when you’re gone, keep in touch on a regular basis. That way when you try to return, you’ll have an advocate to help make your case.


However, if you’ve already left and want to return, then there are still ways to do this. While students will face challenges with getting back into formal education, they can often be handled with proper communication and an advisor to help you. If you’ve dropped out from a prestigious college and your grades didn’t meet their standards, then you’ll likely be rejected. However, there are many community colleges that will help you build up your academic credentials, which will help in returning to your college of choice.


So while the process may be lengthy and arduous depending on your transcript, there are definitely ways for you to return to college after dropping out. Of course, the best way to avoid this process entirely is to choose the best possible college in the first place and our free Bridge to College Survey can definitely help with that.

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